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Just an ordinary dude that calls ’em as he sees ’em. An ordinary dude that is a small business owner, serious recreational guitar player, and both a Star Trek and Law and Order freak.

I’m also a black Catholic and an independent conservative who uses common sense and experience to take a side on an issue.

I can change my position on an issue if you give me a compelling argument to do so, not a ranting screed filled with vicious barbs. Which bring up this point: This blog is a benevolent dictatorship. If you wish to spray content-free venom about me or anything I discuss, please start your own blog. Otherwise, you run the risk of being subject to ridicule (best case scenario) or banning (worst.)

Cause for banning: repeatedly engaging in conduct unbecoming a good commenter (trolletry) or the use of inappropriate language (vulgarity.)

Cause for immediate banning: Sock-Puppetry. I’ll let the blogosphere’s resident expert explain this:

I am actually a strong defender of people’s right to comment anonymously, or pseudonymously. I myself was semi-pseudonymous for the first several months of this blog. But I don’t think that commenters should use pseudonyms to pretend to be something or somebody they aren’t.

I don’t go around pretending to be someone else. I am accountable for what I say. If I were anonymous commenter “Patterico,” defending the arguments and actions of well-known blogger “Patrick Frey,” I wouldn’t be surprised if people found that fact worth sharing. And as far as I know, my blog commenters are not going around pretending to be people they’re not, commenting on themselves using pseudonyms. If I found out that they were doing that, I’d let ‘em have it.

John Lott has endured much ridicule for posing on the Internet as a person other than himself, and justly so. Is this any different? You be the judge.

The one thing I know for sure is this: This just isn’t the way that bloggers do things.

It’s not the way I do blogging business either, and in the interest of full disclosure, if you see the pseudonym “Carvin Guitar Man” on other blogs’ comment threads, that’s me. The name “Paul” was already taken on those blogs.

I want this blog to be a place for civil discussion of issues (both serious and fun), and for both myself and visitors come away with something useful from its existence.


Update, May 27, 2007: After nearly a one-year hiatus, I have decided to write about 5% of the time on politics. There are many others that can blog on political issues far better than I, and their sites are listed on my blogroll. So I will blog on issues that I find interesting to me, and anyone who visits the site possibly will also. If you come away with new information, something that you learn, something that changes you, causes you to think, to grow–then my little spot in cyberspace will have been worth it.


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