Reality and Sanity

June 5, 2007

Rachel Lucas, Ranter-For-Hire

Rachel Lucas, returning from a five-year blogging hiatus makes a interesting proposition to those who would like to see her pontificate on Hollywood and DC in the middle of a lengthy blog post:

I am not stupid, and I am a greedy capitalist. So I’ll make you a deal, those of you who really want me to get back to that celeb- and politician-bashing jive: I’ll call it Buy-A-Rant. I’ve put up a Paypal button on the lower right sidebar, and since time is money, I figure for every roughly $35-40 that’s donated with a request for a political rant, I’ll give it my best effort for at least an hour. If that’s too much, that’s too dang bad. I can make that much easy doing my transcription (which doesn’t require me to think, be pissed off, or receive hate mail). The amount doesn’t all have to be from the same person, and it doesn’t have to be for a full hour. You tip me $10 and tell me what you want to hear me bitch about, and I’ll spend 15-20 minutes Googling the subject, forming an opinion, and writing a ranty post with my opinion. I type pretty fast, ya know. I’m just trying to say that I need to maximize my free time, and I can’t justify spending precious minutes or hours investigating a subject I wouldn’t be interested in all on my own, for no payoff other than making someone else happy. I hope that makes sense. I have to get something out of it, too, and if that makes me a greedy jerk, I really don’t care. Would you perform for free? I think not. Hmph.

I just may throw her some cash because her rants are knee-slapping hilarious. Which is why I’ve added her to my blogroll today.

All that’s left is for me to pick the subject (anything that will get the venom going) and ask that she allow me to post her entire rant here also. Heh.


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