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June 5, 2007

Living Room Warrior

Filed under: Stupid Criminal Tricks — Paul @ 5:26 pm

If you are going to celebrate your birthday by shooting arrows at a target, make sure the range you are using isn’t in a New York City apartment: NYC Man Charged in Bow-And-Arrow Mishap.

NEW YORK (AP) – A man celebrating his birthday with a bow and arrow in his apartment was charged with reckless endangerment after an errant shot shattered a window across the street, the district attorney’s office said.

Think about this. He is shooting arrows in his apartment, which is stupid enough. But he shatters a window across the street. Is he really that bad a shot?

No, but look where he was aiming:

Two other arrows hit scaffolding on another building in the affluent East Side neighborhood when Noel Luria, 39, was shooting from his apartment into a target block mounted on his windowsill, police said. No one was injured.”My intention was not to pick off somebody,” he said. “My intentions were to have a good time. I’m turning 40. It’s an elegant instrument.”

Dude, you had three bad shots. If the fact you are shooting arrows in your apartment doesn’t alert you to maybe this isn’t a good idea, the first bad shot should have. Are you really turning 40? Because this has college age stunt written all over it.

Oh, and look what else the police found:

Luria was also charged with criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon. A crossbow, a compound bow and 49 arrows were confiscated from Luria’s apartment, according to the police complaint.

I would have loved to see this show up on COPS with a archery version of the standard accused plea: “I didn’t shoot the arrows! I swear to god, sir! That bow’s not mine! I swear to God, sir!


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