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June 30, 2006

What Can Energize Box Office Numbers?

Filed under: Hollywood vs. America — Paul @ 8:29 am

According to Hollywood director James Cameron, it’s movies in 3-D.

No, this is not a joke:

ONE of Hollywood’s leading directors called yesterday on studios, film-makers and distributors to wake up to the role that 3-D films can play in winning back audiences.

James Cameron, who was showered with Oscars for Titanic and who is directing a science-fiction 3-D film for 20th Century Fox, said that the technology enables cinemas to offer something that home entertainment cannot.

“I want to inspire people to come back to cinemas with an experience they can only have there,” he said. “Theatre owners, exhibitors and distributors should work to bring a sense of showmanship back to the cinema experience. Cinemagoing won’t go away, but it can get eroded. This is a wake-up call. Are we just going to lie down and let change roll over us, or do something about it?”

I got a better idea. I suggest you make movies people actually want to see.

Instead of making cute PC morality sermons or post-modernist debauchery, how about making movies that give people hope and entertain? There’s a reason classic movies have become cash cows.

How clueless can a guy be about his market?


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