Reality and Sanity

June 30, 2006

Legislating The Market

The French have many problems with their growing Muslim population, high unemployent and general lack of a spine; but they find enough backbone to brazenly pass a law aimed at one–that’s right, one–successful business to force marketing changes: French Lawmakers Pass ‘iTunes Law’.

PARIS (AP) – French lawmakers gave final approval Friday to government-backed legislation that could force Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) to make its iPod music player and iTunes online store compatible with rivals’ offerings.

Both the Senate and the National Assembly, France’s lower house, voted in favor of the copyright bill, which some analysts said could cause Apple to close iTunes France and pull its market-leading player from the country’s shelves.

Yes, Apple should exercise the Wal-Mart option and yank the product altogether.

You would think that the French political class have some more pressing issues to worry about.


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