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June 25, 2006

Dean Sticks His Fingers in His Ears, Yells “LALALALALA”

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Even though Iraq troop pullouts were rejected once in the House (256-153) and three times in the Senate (93-6, 86-13 and 60-39), Howard Dean continues down the same weather-beaten path: Dean Repeats Call for Iraq Troop Drawdown.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The head of the Democratic Party blamed the Bush administration’s “failed political leadership and lack of foresight and planning” for turning U.S. soldiers into targets for the Iraqi insurgency.

In his party’s weekly radio address Saturday, Howard Dean said the Republican plan of “stay the course” is not an option in the 3-year-old war and emphasized the Democratic call for a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops to begin by year’s end.

He also rejected the Republican criticism that Democrats want to “cut and run.”

“Among the victims are brave American soldiers who are the targets of an insurgency because of failed political leadership and a lack of foresight and planning,” Dean said. “We don’t want another wall with 55,000 names of courageous Americans who were let down by their government.”

Another wall with 55,000?

Losing any of our troops is sad and unfortunate. That’s why we honor their sacrifices and bravery. But 55,000?

The AP and other news services recently marked the grim milestone of 2500 American deaths in Iraq. That’s in three years. Do the math, Howard. At that pace, 55,000 will be reached around 2072.

Back to Dean:

Dean argued that Republicans don’t have a plan.

“‘Stay the course’ is not a plan. Saying the problems in Iraq will be left to the next president is not a plan. Our troops deserve better,” he said.

Interesting how Dean (and the rest of the Left) conveiniently forgets that we still have troops in Bosnia, nearly a decade after Bill Clinton promised they’d all be home. How about that, Howard?

Dean added that phrases such as “peace is at hand” and “the insurgency is in its last throes” are made by what he called an increasingly desperate administration.

Uh, Howard, members of your own party voted down the Iraq pullout plan. What’s more, Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki offered the insurgents amnesty and the insurgents vowed to reject it. As Captain Ed observes:

That puts an end to the entire notion of negotiated peace with the insurgents. If they will not recognize the elected government as legitimate, then they will recognize no arbiter for a truce. The position leaves the insurgents outside the political process and in the sights of both American and Iraqi security forces. At the rate that their intel has improved, these groups may soon regret their stance.

This will come as a victory for Talabani, Maliki, and the new Iraqi government. Fourteen million people voted to put this government in power, which gives it a legitimacy that the sorry band of Iraqi deadenders will never win by blowing up security forces and civilians. The government has faced pressure to offer some sort of national reconciliation to the native insurgents, especially from the Sunnis in the center of the country. When Maliki makes this plan public, he will have given the best offer possible while maintaining self-determination for the Iraqi people. Their rejection takes the pressure off of the national government to be the prime mover for that reconciliation, and it will undermine what sympathy still remains for the insurgents.

What next? Expect a renewed security effort by the Iraqi government and a lot less pressure for an American wihdrawal in the near term. Maliki and Talabani have given themselves an open window for conducting further degradation of the insurgent networks. And now, the Iraqi people will know who to blame for the continuing violence — and the intel will improve that much more.

Howard, your stance, like those of the “insurgents,” is in its last throes. Give it up.

Howard reminds me of Baghdad Bob, who denied any of our forces advancing on Saddam and his government. Baghdad Bob’s game was deny everything in the face of unsurpassable odds, to the point that I said at the time “You could tell him the sky is blue and he would deny it.” I was waiting for American soldiers behind him waving to the cameras, like you see with a field reporter standing in front of a crowd.

Dean has plugged his ears and is shouting to cover up anything contrary to his views. Much like the mouse in The Last Great Act of Defiance, Dean will deny to the end.


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