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June 23, 2006

Blabbermouth Press Splashes Another Anti-terrorism Tool All Over Its Pages

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Great. Just f*****g great. Just what I wanted to wake up to.

Patterico won't, but I will say it: Ann Coulter was right about where Timothy McVeigh should have gone with his truck bomb.

So when we get hit with a terrorist attack, and many, many people die as a result because of the NYTimes and LATimes actively aiding the enemy, will they run apologies for their treasonous actions?

F*****g fools.

It wasn't always this way.

Also see A Salute to the Greatest Generation.

Homefront Posters at

Update: Patterico imagines what today's journalists would have done the week before D-Day:

We have listened closely to President Roosevelt’s arguments for withholding publication of the full details of the Allies’ plans for next week’s invasion of Europe in Northern France. We weighed these arguments carefully, and gave them the most serious and respectful consideration.

However, we have determined that it was in the public interest to publish these plans.

We believe that the government’s use of deception in attempting to mislead our enemy concerning the exact location of our invasion raises serious questions about governmental honesty — questions that merit a public airing and debate.

Additionally, the plans we have published anticipate severe casualties on the part of Allied forces. Publishing the details of such a plan is part of the continuing national debate over the aggressive measures employed by the government in attempting to win the so-called “war on Nazism and fascism.”

Patterico links to others with similar observations:

Well, I guess it’s just that obvious, isn’t it? Are you proud, Dean and Bill, that many people are having this exact reaction?

Update II: Captain Ed weighs in:

The administration has told us on many occasions that one of the main fronts in the war on terror would be the financial systems. We have seen plenty of coverage on how the US has pressured various banking systems into revealing their records in order for us to freeze terrorist assets. If anyone wondered whether our efforts had any effect, all they needed to read was the stories of Hamas officials having to smuggle cash in valises in order to get spot funding for the Palestinian Authority. Their neighboring Arab nations pledged upwards of $150 million in direct aid, which banks would not transfer lest the US discover the transactions and lock them out of the global banking system.

Did no one read that and understand that the US has an extensive surveillance system on financial transactions around the world? Perhaps Keller, Lichtblau, and Risen need facts spelled out for them using crayon and words of two syllables and less, but the thinking world already understood that American intelligence had thoroughly penetrated global finance — exactly like we said we would do in the wake of 9/11.

This story is only good for one thing, and that is an attempt to blow the program and stop our ability to follow the money. The New York Times apparently wants to stage itself as a publication written by traitors for an audience of idiots.

Update III: The lovely and articulate Michelle Malkin chronicles the backlash.


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