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June 11, 2006

Two Headlines Concerning Iran

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The first: Rally against Iranian president ahead of first World Cup match.

I get the feeling that citizens of the EU don’t like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. After all, he’s only a madman:

Ahmadinejad to Europe: Support Iranian Nukes or “Suffer the Consequences”
Ahmadinejad: “Germans Are Prisoners of the Holocaust”
Der Spiegel Interviews Ahmadinejad

The protesters had to be pleased when Iran’s first World Cup opponent, Mexico, crushed them 3-1: Mexico Breaks Through Iran Defense in Win.

NUREMBERG, Germany (AP) – Iran seemed content to play for one point. So Mexico took all three. Mexico broke through Iran’s defense late in the second half, scoring twice in the final 15 minutes for a 3-1 victory in the teams’ Group D opener Sunday.

Omar Bravo’s second goal of the match, in the 76th minute, put Mexico up 2-1. Three minutes later, two second-half substitutions hooked up for the clincher when Zinha headed in Francisco Fonseca’s cross.

After trading goals in the first half, Iran dropped as many as five defenders back from the 60th minute on. The strategy worked until defender Yahya Golmohammedi, who scored the equalizer in the 36th minute, made a bad pass.

Zinha fed the ball up the middle to Bravo, who beat goalkeeper Ebrahim Mirzapour for the go-ahead goal. Mirzapour’s poor clearing kick set up the scoring sequence for the Mexicans.

A 3-1 football (only the US calls it soccer) game at this level is like winning an NFL game 35-7.

Iran got thrashed; their consolation is that there isn’t a Uday Hussein waiting to ‘greet’ them:

Prior to the U.S. invasion in 2003, Uday ran Iraq’s Olympic committee in much the same style that he applies to his personal affairs. According to several Iraqi Olympic athletes who defected between the mid-1990s and the present, athletes were “beaten and humiliated” when they lost games. Some reported being flogged, beaten and imprisoned.

According to ESPN, Uday has athletes “beaten with iron bars. Caned on the soles of their feet. Chained to walls and left to stay in contorted positions for days. Dragged on pavement until their backs are bloody, then dunked in sewage to ensure the wounds become infected. If Uday stops by a player’s jail cell, he might urinate on his bowed, shaven head. Just to humiliate him.” Even ping-pong players were subject to torture for poor performances.


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