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June 11, 2006

The Other Side of Haditha

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From today's WaPo: Marine Says Rules Were Followed.

It will be interesting to see how fast the Murtha version of the story collapses if this Marine's story is accurate.

Allahpundit asks: "What would you have done?" in addition to his usual superb coverage.

Other blog coverage:
Little Green Footballs
Mudville Gazette (A must-read for both analysis and timeline of events)
The Political Pit Bull

Update: Hugh Hewitt also covers the WaPo story, and notes that Murtha is getting out in front of the news cycle again:

John Murtha is quoted as a source for details on the Hamandiya investigation, which would make the second instance in which the retired Marine colonel turned Congressman would have been providing details to the press on investiations underway against Marines.

After presenting evidence backing up his point, Hugh concludes:

Has any other sitting Member of Congress ever done such a thing? Perhaps Congressman Murtha can give us an opinion of the guilt of William Jefferson, to whom he has much greater access and for whom he has much more responsibility as a Member of the House.

Even if charges are brought against Marines in both Haditha and Hamandiya and convictions secured, Congressman Murtha's conduct that has prejudged these men will always remain an outrageous political intervention into the military's criminal justice system. If any of those implicated by Murtha are not charged, or are charged and acquited, Murtha's conduct will be revealed as disgraceful.


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