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June 10, 2006

Twenty Dems Prove Ann Culter’s Point About 9/11 Widows

Filed under: General Nonsense — Paul @ 1:29 pm

Allahpundit has the story.

Commenter bbz123 has the best remark on the thread:

How daft are these guys for absolutely proving her point and yet allowing Murtha and all his ilk to run free and unfettered? God I love that woman!!!


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  1. […] Which is why I made this post earlier today; the 9/11 widows who did just that are fair game. If I were to use someone dear that I lost to amass a fortune and change the course of political debate, it would be perfectly within the Left’s rights to take shots at my arguments. The beauty of the First Amendment is that each of us has the right to express our views, like the “9/11 Widows for Kerry” did publicly. It also gives everyone else the right to rip those views. Just because someone suffers a personal tragedy does not exclude that person from public criticism if they take a public political high-profile position based on that tragedy, which is Coulter’s point. […]

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