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June 9, 2006

Expressions of Realism

Filed under: The First Amendment Applies to Everyone — Paul @ 5:48 pm

Mitch Berg at Shot in the Dark (a daily read), a guy who I respect greatly for his radio show, his conservative and small-l libertarian views and his guitar playing, smacks the unhinged for unpatriotic views while defending their rights to express those views:

Whomever you are, say what you want. And call yourself what you want.

But if you think that America, and its efforts in the Middle East, are worse than a dictatorship that murdered hundreds of thousands of people (in abeyance of all evidence to the contrary), then yes – you are unpatriotic.

If you actively root for the enemy to win – with full knowledge of what “the enemy”, with his ritual murders and burial alive of enemies and his testing of chemical weapons on civilian villages, represents – then yes, you are unamerican.

If you compare Zarquawi to Christ – as did a caller of Medved’s – then yes, you should leave this country. No, I won’t force you to; won’t even mention it again. But you obviously should be in a country where black is white and evil is good (and, naturally, if you think good is evil and black is white in America, then what are you doing here, anyway? This country has not been favorable to your ilk since we declared slavery immoral)

If you think – and I know many of you do – that the head-sawers who hide among civilians and blow up children in the streets are “freedom fighters” against a US that is no better than the Nazis in any particular, then yes, you should not live in this nation. You should leave. You should not wrap yourself in anything the American flag represents. I don’t care where – or if – you go. But I’ll ask you – why are you here?

Just think: thousands of American soldiers died over the past 230 years so that people can make asinine denouncing comments about the country that gives them that right on air, in print and posted in cyberspace.

I defend Mitch’s right to rip the unhinged denouncers for those views; that’s why the category this post is in is called “The First Amendment Applies to Everyone.” People have free speech rights; others have the right to tune them out or criticize their views if there is no agreement.


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