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June 3, 2006

Why I Always Make Sure to Read Allahpundit

Filed under: General Nonsense — Paul @ 6:38 pm

Astounding research skills, dead-on analysis, and dry wit (emphasis added):

World turned upside down: European support for Palestinians “crashing”

According to surveys conducted by lefty pollster Stan Greenberg. So dramatic was the shift in opinion from only three years ago that Greenberg redid some of the polls to make sure they were accurate. I wonder what could have happened to make Europeans less sympathetic to the idea of a violent, parasitic Islamist grievance culture waging perpetual war against its liberal western host.

Also make sure to visit his must-read post Terror raid in Canada rolls up 17 jihadis. He may have been late to the game, but he has earned the nickname “Captain Comeback.”


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  1. We are all Jews now: European opinion on paleswi…..

    Here’s why I’m always pleased to read Allahpundit’s entries on Hot Air: as The Jerusalem Post reports, public opinion on what the Orwellian crowd insists on calling “palestinians” is now falling with a big thud in Europe:…

    Trackback by Tel-Chai Nation — June 5, 2006 @ 12:11 pm

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