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June 3, 2006

Leftyblogs Support Chicks

Filed under: General Nonsense — Paul @ 5:42 pm

Well, well, well. I didn’t have to do research; all I had to do is look at this article in City Pages:

This spring, liberal bloggers have obsessively tracked two numbers: the dwindling approval rating of George W. Bush and the rising number of Amazon pre-orders for the Dixie Chicks’ Taking the Long Way. Crooks and Liars asks us to show the country trio “some support for speaking out when they did,” while over at Eschaton, Duncan Black fumes about how poorly the Chicks have been “treated in the alternate universe of our mainstream media,” adding smugly that “America buys the CD” anyway. And both sites link to the online store that has become for the wonkosphere what TRL is for teenyboppers, what American Idol is for middle America: a chance to vote your champions to a symbolic victory, to reassure yourself that others think and feel like you do.

The money paragraph:

Lefties rarely go to bat for a mainstream country act, but Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, and Emily Robison are, apparently, different. Or at least they became different, as a result of what the group, with playful melodrama, refers to in interviews as “the incident.”


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