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June 3, 2006

Hell, Mich., Heats Up for 6-6-6 Party

Filed under: General Nonsense, Long Live Rock--Be It Dead or Alive — Paul @ 5:52 pm

Yes, this is a real story:

HELL, Mich. (AP) – They’re planning a hot time in Hell on Tuesday.

The day bears the once-in-a-millennium date of 6-6-06, or abbreviated as 666 – a number that, according to the Bible’s Book of Revelation, signifies the devil.

And there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that the day will go unnoticed in the unincorporated hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit.

Nobody is more fired up than John Colone, the town’s self-styled mayor and owner of a souvenir shop.

“I’ve got ‘666’ T-shirts and mugs. I’m only ordering 666 (of the items) so once they’re gone, that’s it,” said Colone, also known as Odum Plenty. “Everyone who comes will get a letter of authenticity saying you’ve celebrated June 6, 2006, in Hell.”

Most of Colone’s wares will sell for $6.66, including deeds to one square inch of Hell.

Live entertainment and a costume contest are planned. The Gates of Hell should be installed at a children’s play area in time for the festivities.

I envision a certain AC/DC song blaring on the main road into that town.


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