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June 1, 2006

Looking for a Vintage Archtop?

Filed under: Serious Guitar Playing — Paul @ 6:34 pm

This is the first in a line of posts dedicated to all things guitar playing. I have not received any payment for any of the products or services listed here, nor have I been asked to review or endorse such. All included in this series I have done business with at one time (or many, many more; I suffer from GASGear Acquirement Syndrome) and am simply passing on my positive experiences.

Looking for something other than a 1960’s Gibson 335 or ES-175? Like, say a 1934 Epiphone Triumph or a 1940 Vega C-56 or even a 1948 Gibson Super 300?

If you, like I am, into vintage jazz box guitars, acoustic or electric, check out They will buy, sell and repair vintage archtop instruments. They also carry accessories such as modern and vintage replacement pickups, replacement pickguards (anyone who tells you they have a vintage standard-issue factory-made pickguard is lying) and hardshell cases. When I purchased a 1938 Epiphone Blackstone lacking a hardshell case from eBay, they were able to supply me with a quality case that fit the guitar perfectly.

Their website also has a complete “Care and Feeding Of Your Archtop Guitar” to maintain optimum playing shape. This, combined with their helpful service, make a great place to do business with…and the place to look if you want to find a 1962 Gibson Byrdland, Ted Nugent’s guitar of choice.


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