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May 28, 2006

Poor Chrissie Will Have to Endure More Ribbing From Liberal Friends

Filed under: Long Live Rock--Be It Dead or Alive — Paul @ 1:00 am

A Top 50 rock song list for conservatives: Rockin' the Right.

My personal favorite (not simply to listen to, but becaue I know it will annoy the songwriter): #13. “My City Was Gone,” by The Pretenders.

Virtually every conservative knows the bass line, which supplies the theme music for [Rush] Limbaugh’s radio show. But the lyrics also display a Jane Jacobs sensibility against central planning and a conservative’s dissatisfaction with rapid change: “I went back to Ohio / But my pretty countryside / Had been paved down the middle / By a government that had no pride.”

Here's the best part: the song's writer, lead Pretender Crissie Hynde is a down-to-the-bones LIBERAL.

For this song to make the list is simply classic. Limbaugh chose the song partly for that great bass line; he also chose it to tweak liberals. Even better, Hynde got so much grief about the Limbaugh connection that she tried to prevent the EIB Network from using it, succeeding in getting it pulled. To her dismay, she was overruled by her record company only two days later, and the song has continued to be the theme music for Limbaugh's show.

So this will surely annoy Hynde as she has to endure more questions about his song from other liberals.


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